Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How much is too much?

Are we in danger of getting too embroiled in technology and losing site of the basics of education?  Is the use of technology becoming just the latest fad in education?  Or is technology really a valid means of teaching kids more, better, faster? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What do you use?

What types of technology does your school use (overhead projectors don't count :) ).   Interactive white boards, "clickers", document cameras, projectors, notebooks?  What works.  What doesn't.

How can technology change educational best practices?

As an educator, it seems to me that we primarily use technology to "do school" much the same as we always have.  What is it going to take to get us to start using technology to change the process, as well as the face, of education?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

To what degree does technology drive enrollment?

Just wondering what folks think about this idea.  It is my firm belief the the world of education is changing fast and that schools that do not have the ability to keep up will lose students.

About Bob Schneider

My name is Bob Schneider.  I am currently a teacher at a public high school in Minnesota (Edina High School).  Edina is one of the best public schools in the nation.  I have taught in private schools, rural schools, inner-ring suburbs, and affluent suburban schools.  I have enjoyed every position.  I am passionate about education!

I believe that private education is in danger from a funding standpoint in terms of technology and that is the focus of this blog.  I want to collaborate with folks of like mind that are willing to offer and help find technology resources for private schools.

Please join me!